Many Voices - Many Choices

Telling our stories helps us to understand each other.

JillIf you'd look at me, I am the usual junior in high school. I am involved in numerous activities and have a lot of friends.MarianneThis is the best thing that ever happened to me, how could it be the worst thing at the same time?
TatumI just had my second abortion...JamieI was adamantly pro-life - until this happened to me.
Emma I was looking forward to being a young grandmother, not an older mom. AnnieI have made my peace with myself and God and that is what is important to me.
JaimeMy choices ... My life ... BethanyWe look forward to the day when we can do it right.
AnnWhat was gained by laws that kept me pregnant against my will? Nothing, except that a rapist got away with his crime.NikkiSomeone at the school learned of her decision and a nasty group of anti-abortion people came to her house and picketed.
KathleenI have learned compassion and empathy for other people through the event. Nobody is perfect.MonaI know there are other people out there who have come to this same conclusion -- please help and let me know this is right.
TabathaIf I couldn't do it myself, and I couldn't - I didn't even have a job, then there was only one answer.SibylleA few years ago I asked to have my tubes tied, but was refused this procedure since I didn't have any children.
MelissaA pregnant student athlete. TulalahMy relationship with my family is different but it feels good to know I can count on them.
HeatherAt the stage we are in our lives now, I wouldn't be able to give my child the kind of life it deserves. Josie21 and pregnant. I need someone to talk to, someone to just listen to me and not tell me what to do.
NatashaI found out five days ago, and in five more days it won't be true anymore.MartinaI never thought about what I would do if I got pregnant until I heard my best friend's story.
H.G.I was a 14 yr. old teenage girl living in a very small rural town out of state. Leah I believe I got a second chance today. And I will never break my vows of marriage again.
LindseyI was 16, and afraid... PamelaIt's so hard and I'm so scared.
Melinda I had an abortion and then I got my tubes tied. Marni I am 35 and this is my 6th abortion. I am very fertile.
Serena I wonder if he just doesn't love me, doesn't want to be bound to me that way... Arnetta My only experience with pregnancy was both a wonderful and frightful feeling.
KellyMy sister told me there is no right or wrong decision when facing abortion. I truly believe that now, more than ever. Roxi30 minutes ago, I thought I would become one of almost half of American women who would decide to have an abortion.
Yonita Right now, we are trying to decide ... well not we, me.   Fumiko I am a Japanese girl studying English in Australia.

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