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Telling our personal stories heals us.

Accidental or unintended pregnancy happens to millions of women in the world each year. Because we are fertile for a large part of our lives, and because we are sexual beings, pregnancies happen. It is natural.

It is natural to have strong feelings about being pregnant. When women tell their stories out loud, we have a healing experience. Keeping our emotions all bottled up can be harmful to emotional and physical well-being.

Telling the truth about women’s lives changes the world.

When women talk about our lives, we discover common themes. We learn that our experiences of alienation, invisibility, discrimination, lack of recognition, and family pressure are experienced by other women. Feminism is born by telling our stories and by listening to each other.

As a result, women take on the challenge of improving the world for other women. Women set priorities of peace, justice, equality, diversity and freedom for all.

Sharing our personal experience connects women.

Anti-abortion extremists have created a backlash against women. Women who have had abortions feel we cannot tell anyone -- because we don’t know who we can trust. But, when we do tell our friends and family, we discover we are not alone.

Millions of Americans support the right of each woman to decide for herself about pregnancy.

To share YOUR story, please send email.

You are not alone! This website has collected over 500 personal stories from our readers. EACH page below contains a collection of stories:

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We have to change the culture of America from a place where women's judgment is not trusted and valued to a place where it is trusted.

Glamour Magazine publishes 8 women's personal abortion stories..

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