Many Voices - Many Choices

Stories from Young Women.

Ajahwe had been having unprotected sex from the beginning...GlendaDon't let anyone decide for you.

I'm 18, he's 27 right now.


I wish more people would talk about it...That is why I tell my story.

RonnieAt 19 while attempting to leave an abusive relationship, I discovered, to my great dismay, I was pregnant.BekyI've been pregnant several times, because of self-destructive notions about what my role was with men.
KaylaI already have one beautiful son, but if I have this child, my life will never go anywhere.Kristii had an abortion 4 years ago...
CrystalWe both still lived with our parents were working together at a department store making minimum wage and had no clue what to do.MendyI've read and heard many horror stories, but I feel like mine is one of personal victory and spiritual growth.
VioletNow I feel empty and I resent everyone who made me do it.DaisyI am on the pill and I'm sexually active with my boyfriend that I love dearly.
NikkiI found out I was pregnant a week before I started my senior year of High School. MartinaI never thought about what I would do if I got pregnant until I heard my best friend's story.
SkyeMy Grandmother wants me to get an abortion and my boyfriend and I don't want to.Latycia...staying in that situation, or having a tie to it forever (a baby) was the worse thing for me to do.
LauraI was fresh out of school and my mother had lost her job and our house. AlmaHe wanted me to make the decision for the both of us, but I told him that wasn't fair, and that's when we both decided it would be best for me to have an abortion...
THThis wasn’t suppose to happen to me! I was only 16.JenelleI did not have any birth control because I never thought about getting pregnant.
KimberlyBecause I was only 4 weeks pregnant I was able to have a non-surgical abortion. Norma JeanI am 2 months pregnant now and I do not know who to turn to.
TulalahMy life will never be the same again, but it was good to know that I had a choice. AshleyI thought, people don't get pregnant just from dry sex!
KellyI believe I made a good decision.JaimeI am glad that I had the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion.
NicoleI want get on the pill.SharinaI'm sad that I feel the need to make up stories about my abortion.
Liz18 years old and a single parent.MicheleI wasn't on the pill, but we were careful.
AngelAll my parents could say was abortion...JennI have a boyfriend (the father of my daughter) and we are living together with his parents. I just found out I am pregnant again.
LindseyI found out I was pregnant in April, but I was too afraid to tell anyone


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