Poetry and Prose

We welcome poetry or prose about feminism, women's freedom, health or health care. Please email it to info AT fwhc.org with poem in the subject line. We will assume you are giving FWHC permission to publish your work here on this website and/or in our (paper) newsletter.

Harvest Time  Maybe a Poem? 
Midwife Safe Sex Sonnet 
The Section These Last Few Hours...
Fetus In Dawn the Heart 
Thoughts and FeelingsMy Confession 
My Secret Life The Gynecologist's Daughters 
The Threat After the fact
My first abortion, 1993 Shame
reporting from the vanguard of self-improvement (1997)How it will be, what will happen, what they will say


more poems

Send us YOUR poetry or prose by U.S. mail to:
Poetry  FOR  FWHC.org
106 East E Street
Yakima, WA  98901

Pro-choice people are the majority. We stand for freedom. It's time to say so, strongly, without apology.

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