Stunning Facts about Right Wing
Activities and Leaders

Read Neal Horsley's own words describing the "war" he believes antiabortion people ought to declare against the U.S. government. Neal Horsley is the author of a website known as the Nuremburg Files and an advocate of killing abortion providers. (October 2001)

Pat Robertson, head of the Christian Coalition, acknowledged that he has personal business interests in China, said China suffers from "tremendous unemployment" and is plagued with "antiquated factories" owned by the government that will have to be shut down, spawning more loss of jobs.... So, I think that right now they are doing what they have to do. (in reference to China's one-child policy, and forced abortion for women pregnant more than once.) I don't agree with forced abortion, but I don't think the United States needs to interfere with what they're doing internally in this regard." He went on to state that that "China is courting a demographic catastrophe" by aborting more girls than boys. He speculated that in 10 or 20 years Chinese men will have to import wives from Indonesia, which "will, in a sense, dilute the--what they consider the racial purity of the Han Chinese." (April 2001)

Abortion Rights Struggle - Anti-choice activists (and pro-choice activists) make their case in their own words. Links to many websites. Follow the anti links for some nearly unbelievable remarks.

Update: Waagner named to FBI 10 Most Wanted List (Sept. 2001). Clayton Waagner escaped from Illinois jail (February 2001) ...... A man named Clayton Waagner sits in an Illinois county jail, charged with felony possession of handguns and interstate transportation of stolen property. He faces a minimum of 15 years in prison. Apparently, his objective was to kill as many abortion providers as he could. He stole trucks, acquired guns, and collected data from the Internet. At the last minute, he couldn't bring himself to commit the murders he'd planned for over a year. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Waagner's only regret now is that he failed to complete his "mission from God." "It's not that I regret getting caught," he said ... "It's that I regret getting caught as a failure." Waagner claims he was motivated by the sight of his daughter's six-month miscarried fetus. He says God's voice told him to "go to war." It is suspected that Waagner may have received assistance and support from antiabortion extremists. Waagner himself noted, "There are organized groups out there ... For people like myself who are willing to take risk, you'd be surprised how many people are willing to be supportive." (March 2000)

Referring to the Alliance for Stabilizing America's Population (ASAP!)'s concern about the growing population in the USA, Judie Brown, president of American Life League stated. "We need government policies that will strengthen families and encourage people to have more children."

"If you are blocked of public protests, then people are left saying, What are we going to do?'' antiabortion leader Michael Bray said. "It leaves only one option: the covert use of force -- vandalism, blowing up places and terminating doctors.''  Michael Bray signed the petition which claimed that killing abortion doctors is "justifiable."

"I consider blowing up a place where babies are killed a justifiable act," said Michael Bray (a Bowie, Maryland Lutheran minister) on "60 Minutes II" (4/14/99). Bray has served four years in prison for conspiracy in 10 abortion clinic bombings in VA, DC and MD.

In April 1997, airplanes sent to Zaire by Operation Blessing, the tax-exempt 'humanitarian' organization that's part of (former Republican Presidential candidate) Pat Robertson's politico-evangelist corporate empire were not used for medical relief, but for Robertson's diamond-mining business. He subsequently claimed his company reimbursed the organization.

Did you know The Vatican (home of the Catholic Pope and headquarters of the Catholic Church) holds a seat and a vote in the United Nations equal and equivalent of countries and governments around the world? No other religions are treated as governments by the U.N. Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC) are organizing a drive to remove the The Vatican from the UN. Write to: 1436 U Street NW #301, Washington DC 20009.

Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, commenting on his larger strategy:  "From the beginning when I founded Operation Rescue, the vision was not solely to end child-killing; the vision was to recapture the power bases of America, for child- killing to be the first domino, if you will, to fall in a series of dominoes. My feeling was, and still is, once we mobilize the momentum, the manpower, the money, and all that goes with that to make child-killing illegal, we will have sufficient moral authority and moral force and momentum to get the homosexual movement back in the closet, to get the condom pushers in our schools to be back on the fringes of society where they belong where women are treated with dignity, not as Playboy bunnies, etc., etc. We want to recapture the country, because right now the country's power bases are in the hands of a very determined, very evil elite who are selling us a bill of goods."

One in four women entering prison is pregnant or has recently given birth, while 80% of women inside prison are mothers. Are the "pro-family" forces working to create drug treatment programs for poor women?

A study of mergers between Catholic and non-Catholic hospitals from 1990 to 1997 shows a reduction by nearly half of certain reproductive services, including abortion and access to contraception, according to an April 7, 1998 report in The Boston Globe. The study, released recently by Catholics for a Free Choice, found that those services were discontinued in 48 percent of the 64 mergers analyzed by the study. The hospitals primarily discontinued those practices on moral ground - most Roman Catholic hospitals operate within the parameters of the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, released in 1994 by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. That document "prohibits tubal ligation, vasectomy, contraception, abortion, and some forms of infertility treatment," the Globe reported.


Quotes from Right Wing Leaders

"The problem that America has is they've turned their back on God. Our job is to fall down on the barbed wire, so our kids can run over our backs and storm the gates of Hell. This is a generational battle."
-Operation Rescue Director Philip "Flip" Benham said about antiabortion protests in Buffalo, NY, 4/99

"It appears that America's anti-Biblical feminist movement is at last dying, thank God, and is possibly being replaced by a Christ-centered men's movement"
-Rev. Jerry Falwell

"Don't you understand, mister, you are royalty and God has chosen you to be priest of your home?"
-Tony Evans

"...sit down with your wife and say something like this. 'Honey, I've made a terrible mistake...I gave up leading this family, and I forced you to take my place. Now I must reclaim that role.' I'm not suggesting you ask for your role back, I'm urging you to take it back...there can be no compromise here. If you are going to lead, you must lead...Treat the lady gently and lovingly. But *lead*!"
-Tony Evans

"I believe that slavery, and the understanding of it when you see it God's way, was redemptive."
-Wellington Boone

"It's been too long that three percent of homosexuals control our moral majority."
-Tony Evans

"Democracy used to be a good thing, but now it has gotten into the wrong hands."
-U.S. Senator Jesse Helms (Republican-North Carolina)

"I want to boldly affirm Uncle Tom. The black community must stop criticizing Uncle Tom. He is a role model, who, when he was stepped on like a worm, at a point of crisis, evidenced the nature of the classic model worm, Jesus"
-Wellington Boone

"Arrogantly demanding their rights, activist gays and lesbians have become a militant voice in American politics, influencing elections and affecting the policies of high government leaders. Their public demonstrations and political lobbying have fooled many in our country into believing that they deserve special status.
-Bill Bright

"...I believe that feminists of the more aggressive persuasion are frustrated women unable to find the proper male leadership. If a woman were receiving that right kind of love and attention and leadership, she would not want to be liberated from that."
-Tony Evans

Like wind, women around the world give wings to freedom.
Like earth, women around the world anchor the roots that grow deep and sustain the strength of generations.
Like water, women around the world ensure life, nourishment and healing for the global community.
Like fire, women around the world ignite change and bring passion to all their efforts.
- The Global Fund for Women

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