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How much yogurt should I eat to treat yeast?


How much yogurt should I eat to avoid/treat yeast overgrowth?

It's not how much we eat. lt's which kind we eat, applied to the areas that have the yeast -- if we can reach it -- and dramatic change in diet to help stop the yeast from growing. We need to eat the very best quality yogurt without fruit and preferably organic. Were you to make your own and you added nothing to it after removing it from the warm environment it is growing in, that's good yogurt. Most of us don't make our own, so check out/call around to local health food stores and tell them you want the best.

If you like yogurt, you don't have to worry about eating "too much". Women who have yeast overgrowth/infections in the vagina will also put the yogurt into their vaginas. It's very soothing and often cuts the yeast growth directly.

We all live with yeast in our environment. It's on our skin, in the air, we breath it in, swallow it, etc. A healthy body prevents yeast from "overgrowing" and taking over. Our healthy bacterial organisms that live in and on our bodies help control yeast. Yogurt has the healthy bacteria that we need.

We also know that yeast thrives on sugars. Anything that raises our body's sugar levels will give the yeast lots to grow on. That means all sugars in foods, sweets, ice cream, cakes, pies, especially alcohol -- you probably know the list.

In addition, stress is a major-major-major factor. Stress triggers adrenal glands to pour sugars into the body's systems, further messing up the balance.

Hope this helps.

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