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I am concerned because my breasts are leaking


I am 42 years old and on a few occasions I have a leakage problem from my breast. I did see my ob-gyn and she indicated that it was milk and had a blood test taken to check my prolactin level. She informed me that everything was ok. Last January, (1998) I had a mammogram and there were no abnormalities. Once again the leakage problem is occurring. This time from both breasts. I have scheduled another appointment with by ob/gyn. What can the problem be? I remember watching a doctor on TV discuss breast cancer and one of the signs was leakage. However, I do recall that the leakage was either blood or a green substance (which mine is not). Should I be terribly worried about this situation? Could I be pre-menopausal?

If a woman has breast-fed at any time in the past, the breasts can still produce milk. Stimulation is what causes milk production. So squeezing it to see what it looks like or to see if it still leaks actually causes the breasts to produce more milk. Also, sexual touch from your partner or yourself can stimulate milk production.

To end milk production and leakage, bind the breasts tightly with an ace bandage and do not touch them. The milk will "dry up" in a few days to a week.

Some women experience breast engorgement after a second-trimester abortion. If this happens, we recommend binding them tightly with a snug bra, a folded towel secured with safety pins, or a 7 inch ACE bandage. Ice may be used (10 minutes on, 20 minutes off). Touching and stimulation, such as water from a shower, should be avoided.

Breast cancer is a scary thing. But, milk leakage is generally not a sign of breast cancer. See more about breast health.

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