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I have a Bartholin's gland cyst, what's that?


My doctor informed me during my pelvic exam that I have a Bartholin's gland cyst. It does not bother me but what can I do to get rid of the cyst without minor surgery, or what is done if I need to have minor surgery?

Bartholin's gland are lima-bean-sized glands located at the entrance to the vagina. Also called vulvovaginal glands. Occasionally they swell up and cyst forms. Like the appendix, the vulvovaginal glands seem to have no particular function and are only noticed when they become irritated. Usually the swelling subsides within a week or two, and the cyst goes away. The cysts may occur just once or it may recur.

Hot compresses may help. Also, anything that boosts the body's immune system may help. Plus drink lots of water.

If the pain is severe, then surgery may be done. However, the surgery is really painful so you wouldn't want to do it, if you can help it.

Doctors usually test for test for gonorrhea and Chlamydia to see if there is an active infection in the area that may be encouraging cysts to form.

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