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I'm only 32 and I've had problems ever since my tubal ligation.


I had a tubal ligation in 12/1994. Ever since then I've had problems with my monthly cycle. For instance, Very heavy flow and very very painful. My cycle is only 3 days but it's the worst 3 days of the month ever. My question is Have there been any reports of women having any sort problems after they have had a tubal? I have a couple of friends that have tubals and they all have problems one of them is in the process of getting a hysterectomy. We all are only 32-33 years of age.

Like with all surgery, risks and complications are all too often associated with the experience and expertise of the doctor(s). How we heal after surgery is also a major factor. Tubals are no different.

The doctors and their techniques: Over the years, tubal techniques have changed and have improved. They still depend, however, on an experienced and good doctor who keeps up on the changing techniques and is capable of using the best procedure for each woman's tubal/body contours. During surgery using any of the tubal techniques, there is always a risk of snipping/cutting into the nerves and/or blood vessels/and or muscles that adjoin the tubes and the area of the belly the doctor cuts through. Most techniques are done with a laporascope which needs two small slits into and through the belly wall. The abdomen is then inflated with air to pull the belly wall away from the organs so they can get to the tubes. The tubes are held, cut, tied or burned. All with very steady hands.

After surgery, we then go through a process of healing which involves production of scar tissue. We each make scar tissue a bit differently from one another and, depending on our general health and ability to heal quickly and cleanly, we may or may not wind up with extensive scar tissue -- some which can attach itself to the ovaries, uterus, intestines and other belly organs, nerves, blood vessels, muscles, etc. impacting on their workings.

It would be a good idea for you to find a very experienced internist surgeon who specializes in women's health concerns. A good one will do the detective work to help figure out what's causing the menstrual cycle upset and pain. Sometimes it requires another visit into the belly to see if in fact scar tissue, which they all know forms after all surgeries, is involved. An experienced and good doctor will know what to do to help you.

It's also important to let your past surgeon know - so that they can make every effort to improve their skills.

Lorraine, MS Health Educator, FWHC

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