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My boyfriend and I took a bath together...


I have been trying to find an answer for this everywhere, but I can't. I was told to look at you guys' webpage and it was a very good one. I am writing, because I am worried about something. My boyfriend and I took a bath together, and I am wondering if there is anyway I risk getting pregnant from doing that. is it ok if the water is hot? Does that kill the sperm? or once it even touches water does it die? Is it safe? I need your help. I'm a little worried.

More than likely bath water and exposure to air will kill sperm. However, if he was inside you when ejaculation occurred, even if just barely, the sperm can stay alive inside your body for up to 7 days. Sperm are microscopically tiny and the tiniest droplet of semen contains thousands of sperm.

If your period is late, get an over-the-counter pregnancy test, or go to a clinic that offers free pregnancy tests. These tests are quite reliable.

Now might be the time for you to consider a visit to your local family planning clinic to get ideas about birth control methods -- for the future.

Well ... what if he had sperm on his hand and it got in me if he put his finger inside me? Sorry if this sounds gross to you. But, can sperm only live inside the penis and vagina or outside, on other skin like a hand/finger?

It doesn't sound gross -- sounds like fun! I really appreciate your concern. You are trying to stay safe! Good for you. If this happened inside the bathtub, the sperm probably washed off.

BUT, if this happened when you are playing outside the bathtub, it could definitely lead to pregnancy. His hand could easily deliver live sperm into your body.

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