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What happens after an abortion?


I am 10 weeks pregnant and looking into having an abortion. I have read everything about preparing for abortion, what it is, and the long term effects and counseling. However, I want to know what happens to you immediately after an abortion, like in the following few hours. Are you sore? Is walking uncomfortable? Are you tired? Can you go out that day or must you stay in bed at home? I also want to know these kind of questions for the few weeks after abortion. Thank You.

If you have the ability to take the whole day off from work or school, it is nice to be able to take it easy that day. Avoid aspirin, alcohol and marijuana because they can increase bleeding. We recommend not lifting heavy objects for the same reason.

You may have cramping as the uterus returns to its pre-pregnant size. Other than cramps, you are not really "sore." You can certainly go out that day, but if you can take it easy and stay home relaxing, you will probably feel better. You don't have to stay in bed.

Other possible same-day side effects are the result of the anesthesia rather than the abortion --- you usually will have a choice of anesthesia and/or sedatives. Some people vomit, or are lightheaded, and drowsy for 2-4 hours after the procedure as a result of the anesthesia. Be sure to ask the clinic about the side-effects and recovery time so you can make an informed decision.

More information is available on the aftercare handout you will receive at the clinic.

At Cedar River Clinics, we give women a 24 hour hotline number they can call to reach the clinic if they have any questions, concerns, or problems after the abortion.

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