Poster 2

The image of this poster may not be reproduced without the
express written permission of Feminist Women's Health Center of WA.

FWHC Spanish Poster


Poster Text:

"Es mi vida, mi cuerpo, mi decisión.
Mujer autónoma
dueña y señora
de mi vida
mi destino
mis ideales y
mis derechos
exigen el respeto"

This unique poster involved the collaboration of several FWHC staff women, Susanna, Maria, Mariam, Brenda and Gloria whose original language is Spanish. With a desire to design an image and words that are empowering and yet familiar to Latinas, they brainstormed words and ideas to include in the poster. Over several months the words were refined to the above. Aileen Burke Monahan painted the painting and added the text on her computer. We are pleased to have this poster hanging throughout our clinics. (11" x 17")

$10 (includes mailing tube)

Se Habla Español

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