January 22, 2003
Seattle City Council Proclamation

Whereas, January 22, 2003 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the United States Supreme Court's landmark decision, Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion and recognized women's freedom of reproductive choice as essential to the lives, rights, health and equality of women; and

Whereas, throughout Seattle, hundreds of doctors, nurses and clinic workers have devoted their medical careers ensuring that women of Seattle have access to safe and legal reproductive health services as an option, including abortions, while often putting their own safety at great risk due to harassment and violent opposition; and

Whereas, illegal abortion before 1973 caused the death of hundreds of women annually, and thousands more were seriously injured, which caused great anguish to families and to the fabric of U.S. society; and

Whereas, hospital emergency rooms previously had specialized wards that treated women maimed from illegal abortion; now, these wards are no longer necessary due to the positive public health effects of safe, legal abortion; and

Whereas, every day women's health clinics in Seattle provide safe reproductive healthcare services to women from all over the Pacific Northwest, including the most marginalized women: low-income women, young women, women of color, non-English speaking women, refugee women, and immigrant women; and

Whereas, the constitutional right to abortion as embodied in Roe v. Wade not only recognized women's right to exercise reproductive choice, it also has saved women's lives and strengthened families; and

Whereas, the right to safe, legal and accessible abortion continues to be undermined by various state and federal initiatives;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED BY THE SEATTLE CITY COUNCIL, that we recognize this 30th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and praise the perilous, self-sacrificing work of the healthcare providers in the City of Seattle who must face threats and violence for providing safe and legal reproductive health services for women throughout our City and State.

Signed by:
City Council President Peter Steinbrueck
Judy Nicastro, Sponsor
Margaret Pageler
Jim Compton
Richard Conlin
Jan Drago
Nick Licata
Richard McIver
Heidi Wills

A nation’s commitment to equal access to healthcare is a reflection of its commitment to equal opportunity for all.

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