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Advocates for Pregnant Women - protecting the rights of pregnant and parenting women and their children. Women ought not to be punished for pregnancy and drug addiction. Families must not be needlessly separated based on medical and public health misinformation. Pregnancy and addiction should be treated as public health issues - not criminal justice issues.

AFRICAN-AMERICAN MIDWIVES: BELIEFS, PRACTICES, HISTORY (Kaiser Women’s Daily Health Report, December 20, 2005) The words of African-American midwives "should be mandatory hearing for health care professionals everywhere," Kristal Brent Zook, professor at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and contributing writer for Essence magazine, says in a commentary on NPR's "News & Notes with Ed Gordon" on Monday. Brent Zook viewed the exhibit, "Reclaiming Midwives: Pillars of Community Support," a display at the Smithsonian Institution's Anacostia Museum and Center for African-American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., exploring African-based midwifery practices from 17th century practitioners to contemporary African-American nurses and midwives. Historical midwives assisted in many deliveries for no charge and without running water, electricity or modern medicine … State governments in the 1920s, with the long-term goal of eliminating midwife services, heightened efforts to train, control and regulate midwives, according to the exhibit (Brent Zook, "News & Notes with Ed Gordon," NPR, 12/19). The complete segment is available online in RealPlayer.

triangle pointerReclaiming Midwives: Stills from All My Babies” aims to capture and preserve the deep humanity and rich legacy of traditional African American midwifery should be more than a fading memory.Robert Galbraith’s photographs made on the set of “All My Babies” (1952) in Albany, Georgia, highlight the practices of a Singular midwife, Mary Coley, in the deeply Segregated South. “Reclaiming Midwives” is a testimony to the belief that a renewal of African American midwifery is possible and necessary.  While visiting this site we hope the images and resources will spark dialogue and encourage activism for birthing women seeking alternatives, dignity and  comprehensive supports.

Alternative Family Matters - info for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgenders (LGBT’s) about the process of having children and to help medical practices and community institutions understand LGBT-headed families.

Black women (in the USA) are three times more likely than white women to die during pregnancy and why twice as many black babies die before their first birthdays (fact as of December 2004). Researchers want to know why! (posted 12.27.2004)


Childbirth Connection - helping women and health professionals make informed maternity care decisions. - information about what happens during pregnancy and how to stay healthy. - designed and moderated by and for young mothers, this site is a politically progressive, left-aligned, pro-choice, feminist website. Their mission is to support young mothers, of all backgrounds, in their struggles for reproductive freedom and social support

Fake Abortion Clinics - If you are worried that you might be pregnant, you can buy a pregnancy test at your local pharmacy or go to a clinic to have a test done there. It should only take about 5 minutes and several clinics offer free pregnancy tests. BEWARE however of anti-abortion religious groups posing as clinics.

HipMama - an anti-racist online magazine bursting with political commentary and ribald tales from the front lines of motherhood - a non-profit support and resource organization bringing moms together. Holistic Moms Network is dedicated to facilitating grassroots community-building throughout the nation, offering moms the opportunity to create local chapters where they can find support, friendship, and knowledge.

Home-Based Working Moms - a professional association and online community of parents who work at home and those who would like to. - discussing parenting styles, herbal remedies, and how to raise children with their Hispanic and indigenous cultures intact.

Medem- information on labor, delivery, and post-partum care.

Midwifery Today - a resource for birth and midwifery information.

Moms4Moms - a comprehensive website by a network of homemakers, based in Malaysia, focussing onworking at home, parenting, caring for the community/environment and health/gender issues.

Mom's Refuge - for moms trying to juggle it all - healthy food, quality time, educational activities. A content rich site, covering everything from careers to cooking, taxes to teething.

Multicultural Health Communication Service - pages in many languages on pregnancy and post-natal health.

triangle pointerNew York Online Access to Health - providing comprehensive links about all aspects of fertility and pregnancy, including information in Spanish.

The Postpartum Stress Center - Established to provide a better understanding and comprehensive clinical intervention. Find FAQs, other resources and screening tips.

Pregnancy Risks Associated with Smoking

Pregnant? Need Help? Pregnancy Options Workbook - designed for women who are unsure, or troubled, or can't decide. It covers all three choices - parenting, abortion, and adoption even-handedly, and focuses on emotional tools to get clear about how she feels and what her support network is.

triangle pointerPreconception Health Recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control

triange pointerHow does being born prematurely and starting life in an incubator affect a peron's life? Read this essay of two sisters' experiences.

triangle pointerSave Motherhood Initiative - a global effort to make birth and mothering healthful for the world's women - sponsored by Family Care International.

South Carolina Advocates for Pregnant Women - protecting the rights and welfare of pregnant women, new mothers, and their families.

Susun Weed - Herbal Medicine and Spirit Healing for Wise Women and Green Witches - Natural alternatives for pregnancy and fertility issues.

Teens Talk - What teens have to say to parents and educators about preventing teen pregnancy.

triParent Help 123

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"Supporting safe reproductive health care is truly the best way to honor the women who have chosen to be mothers." -Emily Lyon, Birmingham, Alabama

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