Client's Rights And Responsibilities
at Cedar River Clinics

Clients have the right to

  • be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion regardless of your age, size, shape, color, marital status, gender, or sexual orientation
  • ask questions about your health care and expect answers in language you understand
  • privacy regarding the use of your personal health information
  • consent to, or refuse, any medical treatment, medication, or contraceptive method
  • seek a second opinion
  • access to, and copies of, your complete medical record (medical chart)
  • keep or terminate your pregnancy, regardless of your income, age, marital status, HIV status, race, or sexual orientation
  • know the name and professional status of all caregivers
  • be free from judgment because you have had or are having an abortion(s)
  • terminate a relationship with a healthcare provider if s/he does not meet your needs
  • ask a doctor to stop during an exam or medical procedure and expect your request to be listened to whenever medically safe to do so
  • feel emotionally safe within the healthcare setting
  • expect care that utilizes the most up-to-date information available
  • a clear understanding of the financial obligations you will incur

Clients are responsible to

  • provide the doctors and staff with complete and accurate medical information
  • request additional information when you don't understand
  • inform the staff if you anticipate having difficulty following the recommended treatment
  • be respectful and courteous
  • meet the financial obligations associated with your care

Access to abortion, birth control and health information has the power to change lives. By providing these services in an affirming woman-centered environment, FWHC supports women believing in themselves and the power of their decisions.

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