LaDonna's Story

I am writing to tell the girls who have recently had an abortion, time heals all wounds and for the girls who are thinking about it, you have to make the right decision for you.

I had an abortion the month I turned 17. I am now 33 and I think about my decision frequently. I have two children now however, at the time,  I was in no position to have a child. I was with my boyfriend for a year and a half. We had a great relationship but it was not a healthy relationship. My boyfriend was very jealous and we were extremely close (together every day). He treated me well, spoiled me, treated me like a princess. He was never mean to me but was very insecure and worried about how I felt about him all the time.

When I found out I was pregnant, it was taboo on so many levels. We were teenagers and we were both Jehovah's Witnesses which by laws of the religion, excommunicated you from the church if you were caught having premarital sex. I thought he would respond that he was scared as I was but still tell me he loves me and we would get married. Instead his response was to have an abortion or he would tell our families and church I slept around and it wasn't his. At 17 with a strict upbringing, I was devastated.

I chose to have an abortion because I didn't want to be disowned. Disowned by my family, church, boyfriend, potentially school, and friendships. I chose to have an abortion because it is my body and my right. I wish I had never been in that position to begin with but I was and I needed to act and accept the pregnancy or deny the pregnancy and abort.

Choose what is right for you.

October 2010

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