Why I Work at A Woman's Choice Clinic

I remember the eyes mostly, if mostly is a word. On days when my personal life is crazy, when every one of my children seem to be good candidates for  Prozac, when my partner is on mars somewhere, when my coworkers are grouchy,  (sometimes), or critical, (not too often), or just seemingly a bitch, (oops), rarely, when I'm ready to question what I'm doing in Yakima anyway, and why I'm working here, then I remember the eyes mostly.

So many pairs of  eyes walk through this clinic, each with their own story. Some share openly, some silently, but all share one way or another. It's then I remember the tears I had the privilege of wiping away, the hand I had the privilege of  holding, the laughter I have shared with our clients.

And even though I am not a Mother Teresa, I remember and I know my reason for working here, that it's more than just a job, that each of us is important, extremely important  in the lives of our clients. Sometimes it's not always apparent, but nevertheless a role each of us uniquely fills with our compassion, caring and  personality. Oh sure, new people will come and go, some of us are lifers, some will go onto better things, but as I remember, my day is filled with new  motivation, I know we make a difference, and then I just smile.


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"feminism = Acknowledging and celebrating my special strengths as a woman; never allowing any one to place gender-based expectations upon me or any other woman."