Me vs. You

This how it’s going to start off, coming from me to you
How else can I explain its over, it’s through
It hurt once, I hurt twice you’re the reason I could never be nice
The more I cried for you the more you lied to me
The more I tried for you the more you sinned for me
A lie is a lie but you went over board and tore out my eyes with your continuous lies
So this is how you want to leave us without a friendship what’s that for hope?
 Just my heart been torn apart by an olden day rope.
If this is what you want than this is what you’ll get
Just don’t go thinking that I’ll forget
The truth is that I won’t and I hope you don’t
So is this how you treat me like I am the meat and you are the predator
Well forget it baby because we are so far from over
This is the beginning of me biting back
I hope u enjoy the feeling of blood dripping down your back
This is the knife it lies so close to your spine
Don’t forget that you were once mine
You left me with nothing but pain,
 But don’t worry I am not going insane
Just a little hurt just feeling the pain,
 Which you left me with what shame
To know I cared so dearly when its you,
 I fear when I ain’t thinking clearly
I could write you a thousand words to tell you how I am feeling
 But I won’t bother coz your nothing but another fish in the sea
Why do I bother with you when you never seemed to care for me?
 I care and it hurts me more to know you could never be there
Might mean nothing to you…but it does to me
See what your doing to me see how your screwing me
You hurt me in a million ways but still I feel the pain you left behind
You’re my baggage my past my history but the life to come is only a mystery
 The people we meet how well they know what you’d left behind nothing they’ll never know
You know someone suffers when they call you by someone else’s name you can almost feel the pain inside and it makes you want to say just let it go
You can’t let the pain slip away because the scar will be there to stay
The stitches remind you of the glitches and the tears remind you of the years
Because what once made you smile now makes you cry
Don’t look don’t stare just remember that I cared…
Hope to let you know that what pain you’d left me with is all gone
And I hope to tell you every time I see your face I’ll be reminded of my biggest mistake
But I learnt, I grew strong because it turns out I never needed you all along
You tick in my head like a bomb about to blow and it’s when you did that my heart started to beat slow
 So this might be the first time I’ve loved but trust it won’t be the last
 Because the next guy who catches my heart, I won’t let him tear it or let it pass.
God bless your soul because it’s the only thing that never contrasted.
I know every morning and you wake and just expect me to care.
Can’t you see our loves fading; I don’t know why I even try to make you feel better.
If I disappear would you finally realise what you’ve been doing to me??? And all you ever wanted is what I could never.
Forget you for what you said to me and all you ever needed was nothing especially not me
Forget me, regret me and I know some day you’ll get on your knees and beg for me back and you know what I’m just a tease.


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