A Step Up

Our work here is one of the ascending steps,
A step up the hill of progression.
We continue to climb the hill each day,
Climbing toward reproductive succession.
Along the way we provide a service,
A service to better women's health.
Our patient's criteria is that of need,
Regardless of color, race or wealth.
The staff is here for more than the job,
We firmly believe in our cause.
We believe in the right of reproductive freedom,
Battling against barriers and anti-choice laws.
We uphold the premise of women's rights,
The right to decide from educated options.
We open the doors to choices for pregnancy,
Supporting choices from motherhood to abortion.
Our job is not easy; the path is not smooth,
We face obstacles from all sides.
But each day we serve our patients,
We are motivated to continue our stride.
With educated minds and faithful hearts,
We hope to broaden the pro-choice movement.
Our work here is one of the ascending steps,
Our continued service to women's health will prove it.

Dana Medeiros, describing her work at an abortion clinic.
January 2001


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