The Voices of Support

"If birth control and abortion aren't affordable and available, how can a woman determine the path of her life? I am afraid of going back to the time when abortion was illegal and women died gruesome deaths in back alleys. FWHC makes a difference in many women's lives. I am delighted to make it easier for them to do so." - Helen

"It's amazing that in this climate in Yakima the clinic is still here today." - Judy

"The rural areas of the country, and especially the women who try to survive in them, mean a lot to me. As the number of abortion providers in these areas slowly dwindle, the FWHC seems not only to survive but to find new and imaginative ways to reach out to traditionally ignored groups, while staying true to its core values. It is an organization I want to keep around." - anonymous

"Right now in my life I'm not able to work or volunteer to help protect safe and legal abortion, so it's really important to me that I offer my financial support to organizations like FWHC. Thanks for including me in the work you're doing and thanks for doing it." - Julie

"The biggest thing for me is that no matter what your personal beliefs are, you cannot impose them on others." - anonymous

"I became involved first as a volunteer and then as a board member in the mid-90s because FWHC deserves and needs strong ties to vocal community members willing to give their time, money, and emotional support. FWHC has always been incredible - it can be irrepressible when community members make their support known!" - Alice

Voices for Choice Fall 2002, 20th Anniversary Special Edition

Social Change = Organizing to change the language, attitudes, and practices of individuals, institutions and policies that create and maintain inequality and oppression.
-Ford Foundation Women of Color Initiative 2002

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