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Get Involved - What YOU can do to protect choice, support clinics, and stop the violence against women seeking abortions and abortion providers.

What does Pro-Choice mean to You?

Register to vote! Election Day will be here before you know it. Register now and start informing yourself about the candidates up for election. Let's fill the voting booths and elect decision-makers who will do the right thing on women's and environmental issues. Register to vote: www.beavoter.org

Resources on local, state, and national candidates and officials:
League of Women Voters: www.lwv.org/voter
Project Vote Smart: www.vote-smart.org

2002 studies indicate that while the number of abortions has decreased slightly, the number of abortion providers has dropped precipitously. One-third of women of reproductive age now live in the 87% of U.S. counties that lack a sole abortion provider. In the most recent national study on abortion providers, the number declinEd 11%, from 2,042 to 1,819 during 1996-2000. See Medical Students for Choice for more info.

Shop4Choice - shop online and your dollars help raise money to pay for abortions for women in need.

Action links outside our site

Amnesty International - working to protect human rights worldwide

Environmental activist alerts

Feminist Majority - take action to work for women's equality.

Global campaign for microbicides - help speed up the research for STD prevention without condoms.

Idealist.org - action without borders: find jobs, volunteer opportunities, internships, events, resources, and more.

Million 4 Roe - to protect legal abortion, a project of the Feminist Majority

Choice Action Network - Stay Informed: Receive email updates on reproductive issues and easy ways to protect the right to choose

National Organization for Women (NOW) - E-mail action center and action alerts

Peace and Justice Events - Jean Buskin's Peace Calendar

Save Roe - act now to save Roe, a project of Planned Parenthood's Action Center

Teens - tell us your recommended links.

V-Day - a campaign to end violence against women

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