Tulane's Story

I had only known him for 4 months when I found out i was pregnant. We met at a club and we really hit it off. We had so much in common, I loved being with him. We had sex every chance we got. He used to pull out as a way of birth control, he already had a kid so he wasn't even thinking about having another one.

One day he couldn't control himself and came in me. He didn't tell me after a while because he was embarrassed. I didn't even notice, I never had a guy cum in me before. He kept telling me I had to be pregnant. I couldn't admit that to myself.  I was fresh out of high school, barely 18.

I took a test one day at work which of course came out to be positive. When I called him he told me right there that if I had that baby I would ruin his life. I told him he didn't have to be there, I just wanted my baby to have his last name, I also told him that I always felt I would never have kids and that this was a true blessing for me.

When I told my mom she made me feel worse than he did. I thought she would always be there to pick me up. She used to stand in front of my door while talking to my grandmother on the phone so I can hear her calling me names and talk bad about me. He made sure to call me everyday too, to tell me he wasn't my baby's daddy because I was an "animal",  and that I destroyed his future, he used to text me in the middle of the night and tell me I gave him herpes -  which i didn't.

I was spending too much time by myself locked in my room thinking of my baby's future while the symptoms started kicking in, I wouldn't eat anything but I would throw up my life!. I was getting sick, my eyes sunk into my face, I started getting crazy in the head, all these thoughts came to my mind. I hated my baby!

I decided the only way out was to have an abortion. I wanted to be "normal" again. He took me to the clinic and with the only money I had left. I was the youngest of the 3 girls in the room, the one with the most months and last to go. The other girls' boyfriends or husbands were there to be with them but i was alone. My boyfriend didn't like the fact of abortion after all he had put me through.But I had my mind made up and I was gonna go through with it.

A couple of days after the abortion I was feeling  relieved and free, I saw a new future ahead of me. That child was definitely going to suffer if I had decided to bring it to the world. I didn't even have a job at the time and I knew if my dad had found out he would of disowned me.

Now I have a new boyfriend who I love so deeply.

27 Mar 2006

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