Tonya's Story

My name is Tonya and for years I never thought that I could have kids and then I met someone who was just a friend and after 4 months together I got pregnant. I had an abortion because I didn't want to have a child and he threatened me that he wouldn't be there for me if I had the child and he only wanted me as a friend and not as a lover. I was hurt and I grew up with out a dad in my life and I didn't feel that I wanted my child to go through that.

I am on unemployment and I had to sell everything I had, so having a baby is something I couldn't do. I cried after I did it but, then after a while I realized that I did the right thing and I started birth control. For two months I took the birth control and I just found out I am pregnant again. I am faced now with deciding to have another abortion and it's very difficult. What can I do?


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"The problem with arguments for abortion is their implicit avoidance of the messy bits: the termination of nonviable fetal life and women's use of abortion as birth control. We need to reclaim abortion as a legitimate method of birth control and a natural part of human reproductive cycles." -k. kaufmann