Tina's Story

Yesterday I had my abortion.  It was a long day.  My appointment was for 9am.  First I went back and got weighed, then I talked to a councelor who told me what the procedure would entail.  Next I had a vaginal ultra sound to determine how far along I was.  10 weeks.  Then I had my finger pricked and blood work to dermine if I was Rh + or -.  Then I waited.  I waited in between the test, waited for the tests to start.  Finally at around 1:30 I was led back to the room where the actual procedure is performed.  I stripped down to my waist and was given one of those paper sheets to drape over the bottom half of me.  The doctor and counselor came in.  I got in the position on the table and the doctor put in some k-y jelly, then swabbed me with that iodine stuff.  Then he inserted the speculum.  It hurt.  It felt like it was too far inside and pinching and tight.  It hurt to the point that I was whimpering.  the counselor reassured me and told me the doctor was now going to put some shots in my cervix to numb it.  It hurt alot. 
Sharp pricks of pain and I felt everything.  I knew he was now going to start spreading out my cervix so he could get an opening large enough to insert the tube.  I felt every poke and prod.  I had tears running down my face and the counselor had me hold her hand and breath.  It was awful.  She kept telling me to hold my breath and breath out slowly, but it was so hard because it was so painful.  Then came the suction and she told me to hold very still, and it felt like I was being pulled inside out.  Then it was over.  I was in so much pain I just wanted to lay there but she had me sit up on the end of the bed.  She handed me my panties and pants and put a pad in my panties then had another nurse come in and help me get dressed.  The new nurse walked me about 10 feet to another room where other women were in recliners with heating pads on their abdomens and blankets recovering.  The nurses in the recovery room were very nice.  I laid back in the chair and cried.  Silent tears because it hurt so much, the cramping of my uterous. 
They gave me a tylenol, and let me doze after they took my blood pressure. 
The other women didn't look as uncomfortrable as me.  The ones who came in after me didn't look that bad either.  I don't know if I am just a wimp or what.  The nurses finally insisted that I drink some ginger ale and eat a cookie to get my blood sugar up.  I finally felt better after about an hour.  When I read the other stories the women mentioned general anethsicia.  I would recomend everyone who is considering doing this to insist on that.  It was horrible.  The staff was so nice, the councelor, nurses,everyone so kind, but the procedure was hell.  My ex waited in the waiting room all day, from 9 am til 2:30.  He took me out for food after and we came home.  I am feeling guilty today and selfish, but I know this was for the best.

February 20, 2007

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