Theresa's Story

First, I must say that I'm not even sure I'm pregnant. But after being pregnant 6 times, (4 births, 2 miscarriages), I can safely say I probably am. So why haven't I done a test? Because I'm scared. I know that every time I do the test, it's positive. I have always known, before I do the test. I feel it. But with my 6 pregnancies, 5 which were unexpected, I was okay with the possibility that I may be pregnant. Now it's different.

Call me stupid, or what have you, but I really did not expect this possibility. See, my youngest is 2 months old. And the few times I've had sex, we used condoms, and are currently discussing our options. Sterilization is out for a few years, as it is possible that I may choose to have another baby. I am recently remarried, and the 2 month old baby is his first and only. If it were different, I'd say I was finished with the baby business. But for him, I MAY in the FUTURE, consider another for him. It depends on many circumstances.

So why am I writing? Many reasons. We are both Catholic, which makes this worse. But I absolutely cannot have a baby again, so soon. That's why I find myself here, because I realize my only option is abortion. And when it happens, I wont feel a bit of remorse, or guilt. I am only terrified of the procedure, as I'm such a scardy-cat, that I need tranquilizers to get my teeth cleaned.

I am hoping that more of you will write your stories here, to help me get through what I may very soon have to do. And when I must do the same, I will add my experience to this page. I have searched the web, and find very few positive abortion pages. And even as I am a pro-choice Republican (And on top of that, Catholic), I feel that we need more positive stories here. I truly do not believe that when a pregnancy is unwanted, as mine is so soon, that it is OUR choice to make the decision.

Don't know what more to add, other than to say that I believe it is much better to not have an unwanted child. Pro-lifers can yack all they want, will they support all of the unwanted babies? Unwanted forced pregnancies are bad not only for the mother, but the child too. It is our bodies, not theirs. OK, I'm done now, and I hope to encourage more of you to tell your positive stories.

April 1998

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What percentage of U.S. women have experienced at least one unplanned pregnancy? Answer: 48% of women aged 15–44 have had at least one unplanned pregnancy some time in their lives.  -Alan Guttmacher Institute.