Stephanie in UK's Story

I was 17 years old and on my first date i slept with my boyfriend. It felt wrong to do but i thought he would not like me if i didn't. Anyway 6 weeks later i found out i was pregnant, i was so upset. i was so scared to tell my mum or dad or anyone, so i sorted it all out that day and on the 18th april i went on my own to the hospital. I was so scared and i didn't really want to do it, but i thought my parents would think bad of me. After this i got very depressed and the doctor put me on anti-depressants.

Six months later i finally realised i had to tell my mum as i was so depressed she was very sorry that i felt that i couldn't talk to her. But now 3 years later i still know how old he/she would of been and think of them all the time. I think its not about letting it go its coming to terms with your choices in life. 

Stephanie in UK
13 Feb 2005

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