Stella's Story

I was 16 when I had gotten pregnant at first I was happy till it was time 2 tell my parents. My parents always backed me up on anything they provided me with the knowledge that I needed 2 know about how it would be 2 raise a child the things I would have to do or wouldn't be able 2 do.

They went over an abortion pamplet with me and told me that I had 2 make up my own mind and they needed 2 know in a day or 2 because they whould not let me get an abortion if I were to get any further along.

I chose abortion because I knew I was not ready even though I thought it would be "cool" 2 dress up a little baby doll. I knew that at that time in my life I was not mentally able 2 take care of a child I never even took care of any pets, what would I have done 2 a little baby. I'm now married and have 2 children I'm very happy.

Nobody should tell anybody what they should or shouldn't, do just give them the info they need to know on both and leave it at that. What they do next is what they have 2 live with.

February 16, 2007

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