Sophia's Story
Fifth pregnancy, one beautiful child, loving boyfriend and wanting an abortion...

This is my fifth pregnancy, I found out last week, and must be about one month along.

At first I was elated. Finally! A sibling for my daughter who I adore. But as the days pass, I am less happy, and am now thinking of an abortion.

The reason is I do not want a man in my life. I want to be alone. I do not want a man following me around for the rest of my days, or keeping me from moving because I've had his child. And my boyfriend is such a man. He is kind, loving, noble, hard working and honest. He is any other woman's dream man of the universe. Yet every time he opens his mouth I cringe, and admit I was only with him for the sex, which was always fabulous.

There were times when I thought he would make an ideal father. He would take such good care of us. But I cannot stand his simple-mindedness. We have nothing in common, and rarely have complex conversations. There is no connection there, other than sex.

I want to have this baby for my daughter, but also want to have the abortion to avoid having this man in my life forever. What do I do? I don't think I can bear another abortion. The last one permanently scarred me, emotionally. I will forever regret it and miss that baby every day of my life. But I cannot bear living with this man either. Oh, what do I do?

7 May 2000

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They know who they are.
They have vision of what they want to do!
They are good communicators who listen and speak well.
They have well defined that allow them to make decisions rapidly and under pressure.
They have a sense of humor.
They are competent in their fields and put that competence to the test.
They build alliances with both men and women.
They know how to work in a man's world without loosing their feminine values.
They are not perfect!
-Colorado State Representative Kay Alexander