Sonia's Story

My abortion took place in South Korea.  I am a 22 year old American, and do not speak Korean.  I had been living in South Korea for about a year, and had been dating an american for about 4 months.  One night we had sex for the first and only time - I asked him to put on a condom, he ignored me and put it in anyways.. stopped.. and put on a condom.  Somehow in that short time I was able to become pregnant in a very foreign country. 
I could feel that I was pregnant within the first few weeks. I knew that I didn't want to keep the baby. Finally I told a Korean friend, and she was able to take me to a Women's Clinic.  The procedure didn't take very long, we were at the clinic for about 3 hours.  It was strange being in a clinic where only the doctor could speak english..  and I could only communicate by body language to all other employees.   
First, there was the sonogram, secondly a discussion with the doctor.  Third, a trip upstairs to the operating room.  I was shown a gown to put on after removing my clothes, and plastic sandals to wear.  I waited for a few moments, then was led to an operating table complete with stirrups.  As soon as I adjusted myself on the table, the nurses began tying my legs to the stirrups with pieces of cloth, and tying my right arm to a board attached to the table.  The IV was then placed in my arm. 
This was the only part that disturbed me.
A few minutes later, the nurse began tying my other arm, and the doctor appeared.  He stood in between my legs, with his hands on my knees saying, 'Everything will be ok, it will be quick',  as the nurse inserted a syringe into the IV.  I quickly passed out. 
I am not sure what procedure was used.  I was told that it was a surgery, and the doctor 'cut it out'.  I still have flashbacks of being tied to the table, without being able to communicate with anyone.  The idea of sex is totally out of the question, still.

March 2007

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