Sissy's Story

I want to share my story because I was reading about the lawmakers possibly changing Roe vs. Wade. I am tired of seeing ugly pictures the Pro Lifers wave at you, of dead "babies", making you feel criminal. That is not fair or right. The ugly stories they wave around about abortion clinic doctors having secret and terrible backgrounds, basically making it look like anyone involved in abortions is a just black propaganda. And many other justifications about why abortion is bad.
I have had 2 abortions. I also have 2 kids.
When I look back, it was the best thing I could do. And I am glad I did it. I have no regrets.
These pro lifers never consider or even mention, the great task at hand to raise a child.
It doesn't even matter if your married or not, an unexpected child at the wrong time, can greatly ruin a families life. Especially if your single.
Did they ever once mention how much it costs to find a baby sitter so the mother can go out and work, and supplement her families income? (If married) Or just be able to pay the rent and bills, if single?  The employers who say NO to give you a job, cause you have young kids at home..."Oh your going to call out because of the kids, or your babysitter is going to call out". Illegal yes. But they are right, and they do it. Raising kids is a full time job, and it's usually always Mom that has to be there.
When I went for my abortions, you know what? It was mostly women in their 30-40's married or not that had careers to handle. Necessary careers to SURVIVE, TO PAY THE BILLS, PAY THE MORTGAGE, TAXES, ETC.
I know many single moms and married, that pay more than half their paycheck to a baby sitter, bringing home hardly anything for the bills. I know many that, don't work, because by the time they pay the babysitter, they will have 20-50 dollars a week left for living expenses.
Not everyone has a 40-50 thousand dollar a year income. This is something that SHOULD be taught in the high schools across the nation, "How much does it take to survive?" "How much does it take to survive, even, to the degree that my parents are living?" (Which is generally a long climb up).
At the abortion clinic, the ladies and I ended up talking, because I was curious, what type of people get abortions. I was married, with one kid already, we were in fantastic financial strife.
I saw it was the responsible ones getting abortions, not some 16-20 year old girl, that would end up on welfare, a very hard situation to get out of, and at the expense of our taxes. Those single moms, (black or white) become a BURDEN to society. And why shouldn't the child have a good family, that is stable to grow up in?  Doesnt the child deserve to grow up and have the advantages of parents who are making a good income. They have more or less established a workable income and can provide for that child?
To my mind it is child neglect to bring a child into this world, when it was not wanted, or the
parent(s) can't support it properly. And who ends up bringing up the child? The parents of the young girl. The state.
I have spoken to my girls about it, both now older, and I told them straight, you see how hard it is to pay the bills? Can you survive yourself out on your own right now, WITHOUT A CHILD?
No, you cant.
They saw that.
Birth control is not reliable, mistakes can happen. But to go back to no choice is insane, and uncaring for the future generation.

The gov't doesnt own our bodies. If we let them decide who owns our bodies and can dictate what we do with them via laws - we have given ownership over to them.

To compare, look at China. China's gov't decided they OWN their citizens bodies, including the future ones. They force abortions, and even kill the "unauthorized" child.

this issue of who owns our bodies - which is what pro-choice biols down to, actually affects many many other issues.

The politicians should realize this. Thjey should stand up and say, we have no right to make laws repecting religions per The First Amendment (third article).

Be careful what you wish for, because if you want us to make laws determining who owns your bodies, your children's this government will be a dictatorship.

February 16, 2007

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