Sibylle's Story

I am a mature and responsible woman (39). Although I am happily married, I have no desire WHATSOEVER to become pregnant. A few years ago I asked to have my tubes tied, but was refused this procedure since I didn't have any children and "could still change my mind." Well, I didn't and never will.

What I like most about children is that they I can give them back to their parents when they misbehave. I am clever enough to KNOW that I am not patient nor self-sacrificing enough to have children. I feel that many woman are emotionally forced into having children even though they themselves KNOW that they won't make good parents -- and the result is that they raise kids up the only way they know how: the 'wrong way' -- causing emotional and physical abuse to children who will grow up into dysfunctional adults.

Anyway, even though I took contraceptives I am pregnant now. Since I am Rh Negative (and I had a previous abortion eleven years ago) I feel as sick as can be, and I know it's not going to get any better.

February 1999

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Many women choose to be "child free." Terri Casey is author of a book called "Pride & Joy: The Lives and Passions of Women Without Children" (1998, Beyond Words Publishing)