Shannon's Story

I was 20 years old and thought that I knew everything that I needed to know about sex. I was a typical 20 year old. Until I got pregnant. I was dating this guy for about 3 months and got pregnant on New Years Eve. Happy New Year to me.

I went and told my boyfriend that I was pregnant and he told me that he would support me in any decision I made. At first I wanted to keep it just to show him that I could do it with or with out him. Then I woke up from my little dream and faced reality and realized that I was to young and I could not give it the life that it needed.

Yes I know about adoption but I have heard stories that after you carry it for 9 months you get attached to it and you don't want to give it up. I didn't want to go through that. So I chose abortion. I told my boyfriend and he agreed that it would be the best for both of us. I said that he would pay for half of it.

So I went ahead and made the appointment did all the stuff that you need to do. I went to the doctors and had it done. I was 6 weeks pregnant. I went there with my cousin, my boyfriend couldn't make it, not the only thing he couldn't make.

Well 2 days later I flew back home and told him how much everything cost and I needed the money. 3 weeks later I still didn't hadn't received any money. I moved out of the that town and still to this day 5 months later still I have never received a dime from him and don't plan on it.

I don't regret anything that I did. I look back and think that it was the best thing that I could have done for me and me baby. Even though he said he would pay half and never did I'm happy with the decision I made. All I have to say is don't let people judge you for the decision that you made. You did it for yourself and that is all that matters.

April 1998

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