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I traveled 1,000 miles from my home in Mexico just to have an abortion! and my parents donīt know it.

I am 21 years old and I have 8 years with my boyfriend. In December we had a sexual relationship but I never thought I could be pregnant since he ejaculated outside, but later when I went with my doctor to assure that I was pregnant he told me that 2 out of 100 men carry sperm in their lubricating liquid.

The doctor told me that I should not consider taking any abortive pills because they were dangerous and abortion is illegal in Mexico. So I got very depressed and went to talk to my boyfriend. He is a loving person and he wanted to marry me and keep the baby, but I couldnīt decide. Look I was 1 1/2 years from graduating collage, and I was getting married in February 2001. Besides in Mexico if you have a sexual relationship before marriage you are consider a whore (at the eyes of society) and If you get pregnant before marriage you are a disgrace to your family.

So I decided to have an abortion and my boyfriend was extremely supportive, caring and loving. So we both researched and read all we could about abortion on both sides of the issue, pro-life and pro-choice. And we found the site of Reproductive services and we searched for a clinic. We both talked on the phone and made an appointment (at that time I was 8 weeks pregnant) Then we both saved some money to buy an airplane ticket. I told my parents that I was leaving very early to college and that I was going to be there all day until night doing a study case.

Early in the morning by 10 am we arrived to the clinic, filled all the procedure forms, counseling, video, and then it was time for my abortion. I cried for my baby but then when the doctor came in, I stopped crying knowing it was the best for me. The doctor did me the suction and it did hurt. (even though I read a lot about the procedure and I expected and had imagine no pain, I realize that every women is different and for me it was really painful) My boyfriend was there for me all the time and he told me every second how much he loved me. Later in the afternoon about 4 pm I was out and by 9 pm I was at my house.

I did not cried and havenīt cried since it happened because I am convinced it was the best for me, and my couple. I am now engaged and getting married next week. I am very sad of what WE did but we know that at the time we werenīt prepared to keep the baby. I just hope God forgives us and that later in life I can have a baby and give all the love he/she deserves.

I hope that México will become as opened culturally as the US and that they legalize abortion since I have known of so many cases were women donīt get well inform and go out and get illegal abortions (and those are very dangerous).

By the way I am blood type O negative and they have to give me an injection after my abortion, so if any one out there is a RH negative, inform yourself before talking an abortion because if they donīt give you this shot then later in life when you want to get pregnant you might not, because your body has generated antibodies against RH positive type of blood.

Well I hope my story serves other people as their stories helped me a lot. And my final advice: please do all the research you can about abortion. It is safe only if you do it the right, legal way.

Thanks for this website it gave me the courage to continue living a great life and thanks for all the women out there that are willing to share their story (happy, sad or whatever) it is always important to know what can happen at any circumstances.


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Viaje 1,000 millas desde mi casa en México solo para poder tener un aborto, y mis padres no lo saben.

Actualmente tengo 21 años y llevo 8 años de noviazgo sin embargo el pasado diciembre 2000 tuve una relación sexual con mi novio. Usualmente el se venia afuera y pues nunca pense quedar embarazada , no obstante el médico me confirmo que si lo estaba y que de cada 100 hombres solo 2 tienen espermas en el líquido lubricante.

Al saber que estaba embarazada me truame totalmente ya que solo me falta 1 año y medio para graduarme de al escuela y pues ya tenia planes de casarme pero hasta Febrero del 2001 y que yo terminaria mi escuela mientras mi novio terminaba la maestria y trabajaba. A demás ustedes saben como en México el aborto es ilegal y las clinicas clandestinas trabajan en circumstancias terribles totalmenta anti-higienicas y me salia igual de caro tomar un avión a Houston y hacerme el aborto en un lugar muy seguro a tener un aborto clandestino en México y perjudicar mi Salud.

Asi que mi novio que es un amor, me comprendio y aunque el queria casarse y tener al bebito fue mi descision que lo mejor era abortar asi que me acompaño a houston y fue un viaje de ida y vuelta.

Sali un dia temprano y para las 10 am ya estaba en la clínica de servicios reproductivos para las 4 pm ya me habían terminado el procedimiento. Lo cual para mi fue muy doloroso y pues yo entiendo que cada mujer es diferente y aunque yo esperaba que no doliera a mi si me dolio mucho. Para las 9 pm ya estaba en mi casa, sufriendo por dentro ya que no se lo podia decir a nadie. A demás me vi orillada a tomar esta decision ya que la sociedad mexicana ve como algo muy malo el tener relaciones antes del matrimonio y mucho menos esperar un hijo.

La verdad no lloré pero ahora que ya estoy casada me arrepiento porque se que mis papas me hubieran entendido y mi esposo (antes novio) y yo estamos llendo a una terapia para lidiar con el aborto.

Mi historia en español cambio un poco que la de inglés ya que esta la escribí en español ya casada Pero si la leen ustedes alguien de México

ok! con cariño