Sarah's Story

My name is Sarah, I am 20. I found out a month ago that I was pregnant. I was devastated. I knew that abortion was the right thing to do for me but it still hurt more than anything.

My boyfriend of 4 years told me that everything would be okay. That was easy for him to say. My mother told me to not be scared of the procedure, she said that I probably had more painful procedures before. I thought painful physically yes, but emotionally no.

I never thought that I would ever have to face this decision, because I had always assumed that if and when I did get pregnant, that my boyfriend and I would both want to be parents. But when it did happen, I did want to be a mother, but I knew it was not the best thing for me. My boyfriend who I had always thought was against abortion was very insistent that this was the best thing.

He was very supportive through it all, but now that a week has passed, he has no idea how I feel, and frankly I don't even think he cares!

I read the story that Jamie had posted and I felt like that was my story. I feel exactly like her.

December 2000

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