Pam's Story

I am the mother of three: A 22 year old man, 20 year old woman and a 4 year old boy. Two weeks ago my daughter came to me and told me she is pregnant.

We live in the south and much to her fathers horror she admitted that the child is biracial. This is a lot to grasp at one time. My husband was angry, embarrassed and hurt, and I have to admit I have a lot of these feelings too from time to time.

I have been researching the options, abortion, adoption and of course keeping the baby. My daughter has decided to keep her child and I support her. I will do my best to stand by her and help her through this. Her father will come around. He is already making progress.

I write this, because even though I always said I was against abortion, when it came to my daughter's life and future, I considered it an option. I love her so much.

To the young women facing this, I pray you will make the decision that is best for you. That you will not know the pain of judging people who have not walked in your shoes and that your family will love you and walk right beside you no matter the road you choose. My prayers are with you all.

29 September 2000

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"Being a lesbian is a daily struggle for me. As a woman who so highly revers other wife as a lover and life partner, my friends as spiritual confidants, it is hard for me to resist the urge to simply retreat into the lesbian community, leaving this white, Christian, heterosexual, male dominated society to wallow in its own inherent sorrows. Yet it is here that I must exist for it is only from this place that I can truly make any positive change in the hate-filled 'morals' of our society used to degrade, defile, and devalue all of citizens, as members of individual communities, and, most importantly, as human beings. It is here that I lost my civil rights so it MUST be here that I find my pride!"
- by Beverly Greene on 3-3-98