Myrtle's Story

Wasn't the easiest choice to make in my life. I dated the loser for months until I realized he was sleeping with 2 other girls, then it was over. We broke up, I cared a lot but I didn't need that in my life. I was happy and I went on......until..... I woke up sick every morning, and didn't get my period. yep I was pregnant.

I called the guy and he said "If it's mine and the Drs say it's mine, I'm sorry". What in the world. How could someone that was so special to you make you feel so awful.

I was devastated. I was in high school and I was raised without a father. I didn't want to put my children through that.

But the decision I made was not as easy as I thought. Part of me died as well on that table.

I had no friends I realized at this time. Everyone who I trusted didn't help me. I hated myself for along time. It's been 6 years. There is away to get through it, you have to forgive yourself or you'll go nuts.

August 2000

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