Mirah's Story

I became pregnant at the age of 23 & was dating a guy i barely knew for 2 months. He seemed pretty sweet in the beginning but later he changed.he made a lot of promises to marry me but after my pregnancy everythin changed. when i missed my first period i was worried so i did the pregnancy test & found it positive. I called my boyfriend & cried. He was also in shock & immeditely asked me to do abortion. after listening to his reasons, i knew i didnt want to be pregnant with his child & also i wanted to finish my degree.

When i made my first visit to the doctor, they all were nice & made me comfortable. i decided to go ahead with non surgical procedure. the sad thing is i could not tell any one, niether my family nor my friends & my boyfriend never supported me instead verbally abused me the whole time. I went through the abortion alone but still survived. i bleeded for 21 days but then felt better. i was also an emotional wreck later. everytime i would think, how my ex-boyfriend used me. he took away my innocence, my dreams & my self confidence.  therefore i met a counselor & he helped me develop the self confidence i lost.

Now i am happy in life & ready to graduate & start a career. I will one day find the right man in life & will have children.


February 22, 2007

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