Melinda's Story

I had an abortion when I was 29. I have never wanted children and did not want to have one when I got pregnant. I had the abortion and then I got my tubes clipped and I was allowed the sterilization without any hassle. It is my body and my choice.

What I say and what I want should be my choice regardless of the operation. I no longer need to worry about pregnancies and that is a lot off of my mind. My partner knows I am fixed and he loves it. And we are planning a great future together. CHILD-FREE!!

22 February 1999

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"I hope we can agree first and foremost that government has no place in the personal decisions a woman makes about whether to bring a child into this world," said Hillary Rodham Clinton addressing 1,500 delegates from 180 nations gathered at the Hague Forum in the Netherlands to review progress since the 1994 United Nations population conference.  (Feb. 1999)