Lea's Story*

I found out i was pregnant on my birthday and have been in a state of shock, depression, confusion and anger ever since. knowing i couldn't keep the baby, i went to my doctor for help. i received really poor health "care" from her, whom i can only guess is pro-life. she made me feel even worse about my situation and offered no solace. after getting home, wiping the tears away and taking a deep breath, i wrote her a letter of complaint and asked that she reevaluate her treatment methods for the next woman like me who comes to her for help. i then got online and decided to seek out some information on the abortion procedure, some guidance and maybe even get some comfort. again and again, i found myself at very subversive and deceivingly disguised pro-life sites which described awful physical pain from the procedures and medieval descriptions of the tools and knives used. i was amazed that the websites of planned parenthood and webmd didn't have links to sites like yours that could help me cope with the pain. after doing a search on vaginal irritation (because to top it off, i've got some kind of laceration which is very painful--and which my doctor had no explanation for) i found your site. i read the clinic worker's story of the 1000 abortions she's witnessed and cried and cried because i finally "heard" the words i needed to hear.

i can't thank you enough for putting this information out there for me and all other men and women who are suffering.

21 September 2001

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"We have survived and in that survival is our life, our strength, our spirituality. And we are telling about it…"
— Linda Hogan

*Name changed