Krystal's Story

Well how do I start this? When I was 17 I had high hopes for myself, dreams, ambition and goals. I thought the life I chose would always be waiting there for me at any given time. At 15 I had ran in several beauty contests and won most. I had scholarships to Auburn State University in Accounting. Yes, I was it, you know, the one who would make it.

Then I began being sexually active with my boyfriend and was pregnant in a matter of months. Married him at 17 when I was six months pregnant. Three weeks before I gave birth to my daughter I received a letter from the Teen USA pageant saying that I should be proud to know I would run for Miss Teen USA for the state of Kentucky. My letter in response tore my heart out to have to admit that I had totally thrown it all out the window.

When my daughter was 6 months old I received a letter from Auburn State welcoming me to their institute. Again I wrote a letter telling them that I couldn't. You see, even though my husband worked two jobs and I did too, we struggled very hard just to eat, pay bills and basically survive. I am 28 now and have two very intelligent daughters who I love with all my heart - we have literally grown up together. My husband of ten years is still here and we will make it. We always do.

The point of my story is this. I was giving birth when I should have been walking down the runway like all little girls dream of. When I said "I DO" it should have been me saying "I"ll be there in two weeks" to college. I went to my high school reunion the other day and I was the has-been, the one they said "remember when" to. It really broke my heart to see that life went on with out me and there is no turning back once you make that choice. Never.

If any teenager reads this please understand that no one should change your mind on goals. Your life is yours, make every choice count. Never look in your daddy's eyes and see the tears of heartbreak because that is the worst feeling of all, to know that you failed the the first man in your life. Yes he will always love you and yes he will always show your pictures to anyone that will look at them but if you look deep in his eyes you'll see the look of "did I fail her?"

To those of you that have not had sex, wait, go have fun with your friends, finish school, be proud of yourself, never walk in a room and feel out of place or have someone say "Poor girl, I don't know what happened." Those words hurt - I have heard them in my dreams .

That's all I have to say. That's my life - don't make it yours.

13 July 1999

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In 1991, Washington State voters passed Initiative 120 guaranteeing all women in WA the right to choose or refuse birth control or abortion.