Kristi's Story

On the phone with my friend I discovered that I was pregnant. I am so grateful to her for wanting to be there for me when I looked at that test. The minute I saw those two little pink lines I felt my heart break and my world come to a screeching halt. I knew what I had to do even before I knew I was pregnant, you know it's that woman's intuition thing.

Well, unfortunately I was just beginning my senior year and if I were to bring that pregnancy to term I would not be able to graduate. Of course I went through with the abortion but I did not take it well. Before I was even out of the operating room I was crying and asking for my mother (who by the way totally did not want me to get an abortion and made sure that I knew I was the downfall of our family). My parents were heartbroken and totally devastated. My father told me that his worst dream had come true.

Even though my parents laid a huge guilt trip on me and I felt like crap, I will never regret the abortion. However, I will always remember the pain I went through.

December 1999

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"I don't feel abortion is right or wrong, it's whatever a woman can live with."