Krissy's Story

A few weeks ago my period was late. I knew I must be pregnant, so I did some research on the abortion pill RU-486. Having some knowledge about this process made me feel powerful and confident. When I told my boyfriend of 2 years that I was pregnant and we were going to have an abortion, he was amazingly supportive. At first we were able to joke about the situation, but shortly that same week we were feeling stressed. I drove 3 hours to a larger city to have a sonogram done to make sure I was able to use the RU-486 pill rather than have a surgical procedure done. Somehow I feel that this pill will reduce the amount of trauma I go through, but I know it's still an abortion.

I wanted my boyfriend to help emotionally support me while this takes place, which seems only reasonable to any woman in this situation. I knew his work schedule wouldn't let him drive me to and from the abortion clinic which was fine, because I'm told that by taking the pill I'm able to drive myself home. So I wanted him to pick me up from my parents house later on so I could spend the week at his place while the abortion takes place. He said he wasn't able to do that. Needless to say I was extremely upset. How could he say "no" to me at a time like this? A time when I need him more than ever. So I gathered up my strength and called my old college roommate. She was so supportive and I know she won't judge me.

I've read so many stories tonight and I know I'm making the best decision for my future. I'm not a person who keeps secrets and it's hard for me to live with them bottled up inside. I was pregnant once before, but miscarried. I've never told my parents, yet I feel like I should. A friend once asked me, "If your daughter were going through this, then wouldn't you want to know?" I think about that question and how supportive I hope to be when the time is right and I have my own children. At 23 years old I feel mature enough to make my own decisions, but still so controlled by my parents approval. I want to tell them what's happening in my life right now and that I've thought it through.

My abortion is in 2 days. The hardest part wasn't deciding on the option to take, the clinic, getting the money, or having a friend to support me, but now it's whether or not to talk to my parents about it.

09 September 2001

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