Kari's Story

Just recently I had an abortion.

I just want to tell all young girls who are considering abortion, to reconsider. The pain you feel after is not only painful physically but also emotionally. I remember saying, "This is what I want, I won't regret it. I'll have my life back."

To tell you the truth, the only reason I went through with it was because my boyfriend, (who did want it, but changed his mind) told me he did not want it. I was determined to keep it but I did not want to lose him.

After it was all over I was fine... at first. Then I became really depressed, which is where I am today. Knowing that you got rid of something that is a part of you is the most horrible feeling in the entire world! I fell empty. At times I wish I could change the past.

I am still with my boyfriend of a year and a half. We love each other dearly but because of all the emotions, it causes a strain on our relationship. Some times I resent him for wanting me to get rid of it but then I just think, "All things happen for a reason." Now he regrets asking me to get rid of it.

In June would have been the time when the baby would have been born. When June comes, I'm sure I will be sad. I'm only seventeen years old. There are girls out there younger than me getting pregnant and having abortions.

All I can say is, it is not the easy way out. At the time you may think it is but it is never easy. My friends asked me, "You're not doing this because he want you to, are you???" I would just say "no." If you are in this situation, listen to your heart. Please. I know better next time

February 2000

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"Find someone to talk with. Explore all your feelings. Then, listen to your own heart. Once you have made your decision, believe in yourself for making a good decision."