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I'm 26 years old. In 6 days, I will be having my second abortion. My choice for this is simply this, I just had a baby 9 months ago.

When my husband and I met and started dating, in 97, we shortly found out that we were pregnant. At that point in our lives, there was no way we were ready for a baby. I was fresh out of high school, and without a job. His story is pretty much the same. I had the complete support of my family and his. That was one of the hardest choices of our lives.When we got together, we had discussed having children and decided that 2 would be all we wanted. So, on with the procedure we went.

Then we discovered in 99 that we were pregnant again. At that point things were better and we chose to keep the baby. Our son is now 5. Then about a year and a half later, we found out we were pregnant again! Again, at that point we decided to have the baby. Unfortunatly, we miscarried soon after. We were crushed.

Then again in 2003 we were pregnant. OMG, can I just tell you how stressful this was?! Again, we kept the baby. Our daughter is now 9 months old and perfect! Our 2 children just like we talked about!

Then the other night, I didn't feel so good, so I took a test .... Yup, pregnant again. At that point we decided that there was no way. Not that I choose abortion as a birth control, but there was just  no way to continue with this pregnancy. Not financially, not anything. We cried all night long after we found out, then, the next morning I made the appointment. I am not sure how I will feel, but I know I will hurt, both physically and emotionally. My husband will be getting fixed as soon as this whole mess is over.

Don't think you are the only one out there that this happens too. I sure felt like I was until I came here! Thanks for listening!

4 Feb 2005

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