Jennifer's Story

It has been years since I had my abortion, and I still find myself wondering if it changed who I am today?

I do not regret my decision at all. The man I was seeing was not for me and I had all ready decided to end it with him when I found out. He was very upset that I allowed myself to get pregnant. He told me that it was up to me and that he was not responsible to help since I was on the pill and not supposed to get pregnant.

When I cleared my head and disposed of him I went to my mother and told her. She was not happy because I was in-between jobs and not doing things really well. She told me that she too had gotten pregnant while starting her divorce from my father. Her decision was also to have an abortion and get her tubes tied. She was my biggest help through the process and I thank her now for it.

My current husband knows and has been my hero for helping me to see that it was ok. I love him for that. We now have 3 wonderful children and I am thankful for each.

21 March 2001

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Reproductive Choice means being able to make your own decisions about abstinence, contraception, abortion and childbearing according to your own conscience. It means access to quality contraception and sex education, as well as abortion services, and being able to support the children you choose to have.