Jeanne's Story

I'm 17 years old, and I go to a catholic school. This summer my so-called best friend came over while he was drunk. He raped me, and I became pregnant. He is one of the popular guys at school, and I couldn't report him, I couldn't prove, it would be my word against his, so the story goes on.

In August I told him i was pregnant. He told me the only thing i could do was have an abortion. I was ready to keep the baby, and accept his mistake and then he came into my life again.

His idea was out of the question to me, and then he started to take over my life. He blamed me for what happened and said if i didn't do it, he would do it for me. So I felt I had no choice, I couldn't go to my family because my parents are heavy catholics, and I didn't want my extended family to know. I went along with his idea. I was so afraid. I had the abortion on Sep. 14, 1998.

Now, I am living with a great depression. I can't sleep at night, I can't look at anyone. People found out at school, and now when I walk down the hallway I am called a killer. I can't eat, and I can't concentrate on anything.

To anyone that reads this, make sure you want to go through with it. It is your choice, you decide your life, don't let anyone to do it for you. You might regret the choice the other person made later.

January 1999

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