Ilsa's Story

Hello, I had an abortion 30 years ago - and I never regretted it. I was 21 and had an IUD in place. It was the wrong time for me to have a child and my boyfriend was not someone I would have wanted to marry.
Since then, I earned my education, married a wonderful man, and had two children. If my children wanted abortions, I would provide them, although I have thorougly educated them about birth control, so it is unlikely. BUT - look what happened to me!
It infuriates me to see these anti-abortion groups literally lie to the public about abortion. The fact is, most women are very happy with their abortions. The ones who have depression are ones who belong to churches that condemn abortion. My own church does not - at all.
We are in a cultural war, and it worries me - terribly. If the ultra-right gets the kind of control they see, women are at risk. When they talk about the numbers of abortions, I wonder - do they really want all those unwanted children to be born? Our president publicly stated that they could put them in group homes! He knows NOTHING about group homes! I am a child psychologist - I'm VERY familiar with them. It's a HORRIBLE idea. So we're going to have millions of babies in group homes? That's CRAZY!
I never once regretted my abortion. Never. I'm glad it was there for me.

February 21, 2007

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