Gabriela's Story

Yes, it happened to me too, just two months ago. When I found out it was like, you dont want to believe in it, because you are not this kind of person who would get in that kind of situation.

I was panicking and felt so lost. HIM, guy who was a father of our baby just didnt care at all. Suddenly it was just a fling for HIM and despite what he said on the phone, he wants to be informed about what is going to happen and also will help with money....he just disappeared and I didnt see him any more! I didnt have choice, I had to make my own decision. Because of HIM I couldn't see my baby as pretty, it was so ugly when I looked inside of me.

I knew from the first moment I don't want this baby. Then, I didnt know how strong woman I am. I found the hospital and got appointment and went through all of it by myself. Still remember and still will this room full of women, young, old, pretty and less pretty, seemed strong and also crying.

I will not forget about Heder, a girl who I was hugging and supporting that moment when we were both waiting for the same, abortion. It was painful. This moment when I was squezing nurses hand I even don't remember the face, this moment will stay forever with me. It is over and I feel strong. I am still trying to forgive the man, who run away and left me alone with OUR baby.

I was crying last week when I got my first period and bleeding just pull all back, but despite all of it, I am still having nice moments with girls Im looking after as nanny....And this is a miracle, it didnt change anything in my relationship with children and this is the most important. I love children and I am looking forward so much to my first real child...
Hug for all women who went through ... doesnt matter how.


February 21, 2007

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