Elsa's Story

Last summer, the summer of 2006 I met this boy around the corner and he gave me so much interest. I was 14 and he was 18 and we saw no difference. We used to meet up at my friend house across the street, play board games and talk. One night he walked me home and we sat on the porch and talked some more. He told me his life story and how he's mother mistreats him. I was so sad for him and told him I was sorry for everything that was going on and called it a night. At this time I was a complete virgin and never really thought about sex until phone conversations would bring it up some how or another. We would be on the phone and he would ease his way to talk about it - I was scared. Everyday he would tell me something new and I would tell my mother everything expect the fact that I liked him. One night Reggie started spending the night. Around my mother we were brother and sister. One night he told me I meant everything in the world to him and gave me this long romantic kiss. That, I thought just sit my soul on fire. He convinced me this night and had me under he's hold. He was so much smarter and older and as the night went by I found myself in something I couldn't get away from, but I liked it. This was different yet fulfilling at the time. After that night Reggie stopped coming over and now he just called. He always had excuses about what he was doing. And after awhile when I would wake up I felt weak and dizzy and my breast was sore. And I was always mad about something (I still do that). I knew something wasn't right so I called my best friend and told her how I was feeling. When she went home her mother was mad at her and asked her what was so important, she slipped and told. A day went by I thought everything was good until we got his phone call –

"Hello is this Elsa's mother?"
"Yes this is, what’s the problem"
"Bianca's pregnant".  

That was the first time I seen my mother so hurt and believe it or not, she was very supportive. When I called Reggie and told him, he hung up so I called back and he told me it wasn't he's so leave him alone. I was all by my self and I was so hurt. My first doctors appointment they told me I was 3 month's pregnant and I got an ultra sound and there it was my baby. I fell in love with someone I never seen so fast, but my baby had no daddy. The doctor told me my mother wanted an abortion and I just said "yes" so I wouldn't get in trouble. But I wanted my baby. I had 3 weeks with my baby and I was happy every moment. August 11, 2006 I got my abortion and was never the same since... I'm just now getting over it, I cried 3 months straight. I didn't eat or sleep. And I always thought I heard babies crying. I don't regret it because I know god is taking good care of her.  

August 2007

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