Drea's Story

Since i was about 12 years old, i knew the pros and cons of having a child. I decided, the cons outweighed the pros, so getting pregnant was not an option for me. I had always been safe. Always. Well, always wasn't always anymore. All it takes is one time. That one time got me pregnant. I'm 17 years old, and i knew that if i kept this life, this innocent deserving person, and brought him/her into this world, i would not only be ruining my life but his/hers also. I am far from prepared. I don't have a job, i live with my parents. I don't even have a car. Where would i get money to buy my baby food, diapers, clothes, etc.? It wouldn't be fair to me or my baby. Or my family for that matter. Why put them through that?
It turned out that right before i heard the results of the pregnancy test, the father of my child, of our child no longer wanted me in his life. What kind of a life would that be for my baby? I couldn't give her/him anything she/he deserved,and i would never want my baby to grow up fatherless. And i knew that i would resent this child. As hard to admit as it was, I'm still a child myself, how could i be responsible for another human being? I would miss out on so much.Going to the movies with friends. Going to parties. I'm not emotionally, physically, or financially able to care for a child. I knew that i would feel selfish for the rest of my life. I knew abortion was the right thing to do.
The women at the clinic were so warm, and caring. I couldn't have asked for more from my own family. They helped me step by step. Any question i had at all, they answered without hesitation. They made sure that i was ready to sacrifice this life for mine. They counseled me, and protected me. This was truly the most important life saving choice I've ever had to make. You're not alone. 


Februray 22, 2007

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